How to maintain your car yourself?

Whatever the cost of purchasing your car, did you know that its maintenance plays an important role in its durability? Caring for your car limits the number of repairs you will have to make and saves you money and time. If you know anything about mechanics, you will be able to quickly revise your car. Otherwise, this article will shed light on the essential points of car maintenance.

Priority to the engine

Maintaining your car in order to maintain your car's engine yourself, you must first ensure that it is properly drained. This is an easy and efficient operation when you know how to change the oil filter. It is important to choose a good oil that you will avoid throwing away anywhere. Changing the coolant is crucial to prevent overheating and the risk of cylinder head gasket failure. Also, simple to carry out, this operation requires a bridge or jack that you can easily obtain on an Auto distribution site. To keep your car in shape, check the timing belt. During car maintenance, it is imperative to pay attention to this belt, as the slightest fault can cause the engine to break. This is a delicate operation that can take you at least two hours. In case of a defective belt, the timing kit must be replaced. It is also necessary to check the exhaust on which the vehicle's noise pollution depends. Even if it is a simple operation, you must protect your eyes and hands beforehand by following the advice available on the site

Car maintenance at the electrical system level

Start with the car's battery, making sure to disconnect the negative first. Until it is replaced, install a generator in parallel. This step of car maintenance allows you to check the electrolyte level of the battery, which will provide you with information on the condition of the alternator. When checking the alternator, do not forget to turn the drive belt back on. After a minimum of 40000 km, you must replace the spark plugs. However, glow plugs must be refurbished after 10,000 km. The spark plugs are changed simply with a spark plug wrench, but it is important not to make mistakes when buying them. Mixing the ignition cables or forgetting to disconnect one of the battery terminals are common errors. During a good car maintenance, the bulbs must also be changed. To do this, choose quality bulbs that match the car. Be careful not to touch the glass, but the base of the bulb will give you a better result.

The security system and windows

Car maintenance is one of the best tips for lowering your car bill. In addition to repairing the engine and electrical system, you can also check the safety system, without which car maintenance cannot be complete. At this level, the condition of the brakes must be checked using a torque wrench. Start with the front brakes, before thinking about the shock absorbers, which when they no longer respond properly should be changed in pairs. It is important not to forget the maintenance of the clutch, which takes time and the right tools. The last step is to check the windows through the washer level first. To do this, fill the reservoir with liquid after the minimum level indicator has been illuminated. Compared to wiper blades, a change must be made as soon as you notice a deterioration of the ends or drag marks on the windshield. If you are considering controlling your air conditioning during car maintenance, be aware that recharging the fluid can be dangerous. It is therefore advisable to have this task carried out by a professional.

The pro-touring

Pro-touring is an expensive practice in vogue in the United States and is available in France. The personalization of the car by respecting the rules of pro-touring lasts for months. Change of bodywork, parts ordered from the United States, the transformation can reach 20 000 €.


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