Car tuning: parts, accessories, bodywork, tires and rims

Can also be called customization, tuning is an art of modifying the appearance and performance of a car. It is generally designed to transform classic and pleasure cars through various improvements and high-tech accessories such as GPS radio (see for more information). This is to differentiate them from the standard vehicles offered by dealers.

Transforming the appearance

In this step of customizing or customizing a car, appearance is of course the first thing to change. For the car to have a striking and distinctive appearance, the owner may decide to replace the rims and tires. Most often, single rims are replaced by aluminium or larger rims. In recent years, chrome wheels have become the most popular choice for all drivers thanks to their unique colour and intimidating appearance. In the same way, tuning also encourages owners to customize their car's bodywork. Most often, they add graphs or tags, but it also happens that the customization is just at the level of the painting as the addition of reflection or contrast.

Kitting the different organs

When a driver wants to add more excitement to his car, he can also change the parts to replace them with more efficient equipment such as the transformation of the braking system for example. Sometimes the brakes are also improved with large brake kits. The exhaust pipe can also be replaced by a new one that is more visible and audible thanks to the nozzles. The integration of headlights, LED or xenon lights is also a transformation that often takes place. As for the bodywork, it can be modified from top to bottom with larger bumpers, fins, rocker panels, headlamp lids or calendar and lowered. The most important step in tuning is of course the modification of the engine performance. Several devices are usually added to boost its capacities: turbocharger, injection system...

Personalization of the interior

Tuning also involves customizing the interior as well as adding instrumentation such as a counter or pressure gauge. For a more elegant interior, some people opt for changing the upholstery, usually into fabric, which will be transformed into leather. You can also add additional devices such as the on-board multimedia system, GPS or DVD player. Learn more about For a complete result, also consider modifying the audio system and adding speakers.

The pro-touring

Pro-touring is an expensive practice in vogue in the United States and is available in France. The personalization of the car by respecting the rules of pro-touring lasts for months. Change of bodywork, parts ordered from the United States, the transformation can reach 20 000 €.


Lowriding consists in equipping a vehicle with a hydraulic suspension generally recovered from the landing gear of old aircraft. This accessory allows the car to get up and down. Some vehicles are even capable of spectacular jumps.
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