Top 10 of the different tuning styles

Tuning, nowadays considered an art, is the action of modifying the appearance and performance of a car in order to make it more efficient and personalized. As with all trendy arts, each country has its own typical tuning. While it often includes the fun and sometimes exuberant look, tuning has different styles depending on the region.

The European style, an exceptional style!

Euro-tuning is all the transformations made to the engine, rims and exterior. The German look is the typical German tuning. The changes generally concern simple elements such as rim replacement or interior revision. The Spanish tuning opts for a more daring style modification like the painting of the car with brighter colours. Like the Spanish tuning, the Italian tuning prefers the more conspicuous machines. The French tuning is closer to the German tuning but differs by the stickers. In any case, each country has its own particularities to stand out in the creations as you can also see in uk Bikes n'Cars styles.

Japanese style: still in vogue!

The Bosozoku is a combination of several modifications that are unusual and extravagant, starting with the ailerons and bumpers. Even if this look is rather eccentric, it suits the young Japanese very well. The Japan look can be compared to the German look. The innovations introduced are minimal and simpler. In general, cars remain sober. We also hear JDM or Japanese Domestic Market, which is the same as Japanese luxury cars, with a more powerful engine and a more stylish body! If you are looking for a more modern car, choose the Drift with a total modification of the engine and chassis. It is easily recognizable by its exterior which is filled with stickers and a car in the form of a competition car!

The American look: even more fun!

Hot-Rod is the reference style of tuning! The car is transformed in every way: aerodynamic engine, outstanding hood, more fun bodywork... the Donk Style is a look that comes from the south of the United States, specified by rims and tires that are totally amazing! It is also very popular with rappers, with their unusual shapes. Finally, the Dub is a total modification of the machine, with super sensational rims, a disproportionate size to the car, extravagant colours, etc. The pro-touring Pro-touring is an expensive practice in vogue in the United States and is available in France. The personalization of the car by respecting the rules of pro-touring lasts for months. Change of bodywork, parts ordered from the United States, the transformation can reach 20 000 €. Lowriding Lowriding consists in equipping a vehicle with a hydraulic suspension generally recovered from the landing gear of old aircraft. This accessory allows the car to get up and down. Some vehicles are even capable of spectacular jumps.
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