Surprising tuning cars

While some prefer to let their excessive imagination speak for itself to make their car more of a fairground beast than a tuning one, without falling into extravagance, others opt for a more thoughtful customization to build a vehicle on which the public will be amazed by admiration and surprise and not by humour or indifference. For more information, visit

Contemporary cars

The contemporary tuning combines exterior luxury, interior comfort and driving performance. With a leather, design, chrome, coloured or carbon interior, revisited electronics for a vibrant Hi-Fi system, the journey is pleasant. A harmonious combination of colours or a unique colour that is chic, sober and warm at the same time, well-chosen accessories, nothing too much and just what you need, an elegant bodywork, chrome-plated for a mirror effect or armoured type Lande Rover will turn everyone's eyes. An engine of more than 250 km/h or even 400 km/h will delight all speed enthusiasts. On the websites discover the most attractive, comfortable and admired tuning cars of the moment.

Old cars that are still relevant today

The tuning owes its origin to a customization that was practiced on old cars and attention, these cars are always in good condition and surprise many with their robustness and their appearance. They stand out for their bright colour with a few touches of flame or else a solid and chrome-coloured bodywork. Their unusual appearance arouses great interest: a patinated appearance that can skate on ice, the lowriding style that allows cars to get up, down or even jump, tires and rims in a very large version for the Donk style, larger rear tires or comes out compared to the front tires or on the contrary hidden entirely by a chrome body. Their age combined with their tuning makes vintage cars real little jewels to be found. Moreover, the Bugatti model of the 1930s, sold at auction for 20 million euros, is a perfect example of the popularity of old tuned cars. There are many more examples

A glimpse of the future

And yes, models that are supposed to represent the future version of the tuning have already been studied. The cars have a solid colour, chrome-plated or not, which immediately reminds us of Batman's car: dark, dark, dark, fast and multi-functional. Admire these already possible models by browsing the net. tuning car Have fun at car tuning games The pro-touring Pro-touring is an expensive practice in vogue in the United States and is available in France. The personalization of the car by respecting the rules of pro-touring lasts for months. Change of bodywork, parts ordered from the United States, the transformation can reach 20 000 €. Lowriding Lowriding consists in equipping a vehicle with a hydraulic suspension generally recovered from the landing gear of old aircraft. This accessory allows the car to get up and down. Some vehicles are even capable of spectacular jumps.
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